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fotograferad på botaniska institutionen vid Stockholms Universitet, Stockholm av D. Nielsen, 2001
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fotograferad på botaniska in
Barlia robertiana (Lois.) Greut. (lat)
Underrike Tracheobionta
Överdivision  Spermatophyta
Division   Magnoliophyta
Klass    Liliopsida
Underklass     Liliidae
Order      Orchidales
Familj       Orchidaceae
Släkte        Barlia
Art         Barlia robertiana (Lois.) Greut.
A small genus of just two species, formerly thought to be a Himantoglossum but now regarded as distinct. Barlia makes massive rosettes and growths, with a sturdy stem and a large well- packed spike of individually large flowers. These are scented of lily-of-the-valley (Convallaria). This is a notably early flowering species. The wild range is from the Canary Islands and North Africa across southern Europe, only as far north as Southern France, across Italy to Greece, Cyprus and southern Turkey. In cultivation Barlia should be treated as if it were a species of Ophrys. It has a markedly southern distribution and should be regarded as more tender than most Ophrys.
Daniel N.