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Every now and then you meet people with a burning interest in flowers, I know since I was one of them. I used to take pictures of them and read about them but it never really dawned on me what to do with this wealth of information that I gathered. In the end I decided to create a homepage about potted plants. This however posed a imposible task since I had to create one side for each flower, and everytime something had to be changed I had to work for weeks apply these changes to all of these pages. The family tree was a pure nightmare to administrate since all of the changes had to be applied to all of the flowers with the same relationship. Finally the project was such a tough job to do that it wasn't realistic for one person to work with.

Years passed, I grow increasingly better in programming and in the end i discovered MySQL, Php and Linux. Tools that made it possible to create a database driven homepage. In 2004 the first version of the Flower Database was released and online. Now the software has grown increasingly complexed, it handles information about flowers, multilanguage name support, referenses, pictures, two main languages, users, advertises and membership pages.

This database is turning into a community that consists of people with a great interest in flowers. Every contribution is welcomed. As a member you are able to shape this community into something that benefits us all. Members may already today exchange flowers with each other. A blog, or a bulletin system is on its way so that members can help each other with questions and answers. Those that is very interested may also apply to become a author so that they can write about flowers and insert pictures of them.

Do you think it seems great to join us, start here by applying to become a member

Kind Regards
Daniel Nielsen